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Project: Corsi Database – Moving to ASP.NET MVC

With the eventual plans to allow a browser accessible interface to Corsi data, I’ve started the migration of the previous WinForm application to a ASP.NET web application, built using the MVC framework. To do this, I’ll be using Visual Studio Express 2013 for Web development, Entity Framework for data management and SQL Sever Express Edition 2014 as the database host. Once I get this working on machine, this should provide a low-resistance path to move to Azure hosting.

After creating the basic MVC project, I’ve used the Nuget Manager, to add in the smarts for the Entity Framework – this will create an interface to the SQL database that I can work with in code.

Entity Framework

Entity Framework

My database will change, but just to get started, I’ve used the Model First approach to rig up the very basic database.

MVC Model First

MVC Model First

With this in place, our next steps is to seed the data and show the basic information using a MVC View Controller.

Project: Corsi Database – Step 1

The first step of the Corsi Database is complete. I’ve been able to parse the final game of the 2014 Stanley Cup, as per the data provided within the NHL’s game play-by-play document.

The goal of the Corsi Database is to provide Corsi-type of stats for the NHL 2014-2015 season. As a high-level goal, I’m trying to build out the infrastructure previously implemented by Extra Skater (Darryl Metcalf), which unfortunately is now offline.

Currently, I have this set up as a WinForm application, but will migrate to a ASP.NET MVC application, so that data is more readily accessible.

Phase 1 - Parsing NHL Play-by-Play