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Project: BBB Admin Page – Updating to Debian

With our board running, one of the first tasks we’ll perform is to build an SD card that we can boot from, based on the Debian distribution. The latest Debian build is available at http://beagleboard.org/latest-images. Once downloaded, we uncompress the build using 7-zip and then download the IMG file using Image Writer for Windows to the SD card. After this is done, we insert into the BBB and reset the board to use the SD card.

Write Debian IMG file to SD card

Write Debian IMG file to SD card using Image Writer for Windows

By firing up PuTTY and entering the IP address, we can connect to the BBB using an SSH session.

BBB SD First Boot

BBB SD First Boot

Now that we have our OS in place, we’ll next look at development environments, in particular the Cloud9 IDE and BoneScript (node.js library optimized for the Beagle family).

EDIT: Derek Malloy has a great description of the procedure to copy the SD image to the BeagleBone Black’s EMMC flash.